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Your Hassle-Free Guarantee

We never promote presenter services.

We're so certain that our seminars will will meet or exceed your expectations that we offer you this guarantee.

If you're not happy with your seminar, tell us and we'll give you your next seminar for a 99% discount. (We'd make it FREE if we could, but to automate your registration process with Google Checkout, and thus make it easier for you, we have to charge something.)

In every seminar, we have several key objectives:

  • that the presenter communicates in a clear and understandable fashion
  • that the presenter conducts a thorough and professional presentation of the subject within the time allotted
  • that the presentation conveys information that provides clear guidance, within the topic area
  • that the topic is current, relevant to your work, and consistent with our advertised content
  • that the advertised take-aways and learning goals be met

99% Guarantee registrations are not eligible for free book offers. If your paid seminar included a free book, the cost of the book is billable with your 99% Guarantee seminar admission. Maximum seminar value: $199.