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FREE Fundraising Resources

Free Seminar: Out-Of-State Fundraising Registration Essentials Recorded 60 minute seminar Led by Marc Lee, CFRE. More . . .

Free Seminar: What Is A Development Audit and Will It Help? Recording of a 50 minute seminar Led by Marc Lee. More . . .

Free Seminar: Fundraising With Corporate Savvy Recording of a 64 minute seminar Led by Katya Andresen. More . . .

Free Campaign Budget Spreadsheet: This is a handy annotated spreadsheet with over 65 budget line items for potential inclusion in your total project expenses. It's a great tool for reviewing your campaign budget. Download Here.

Free Gift Range Chart: How many gifts do you need and how large must they be to achieve your goal? This FREE downloadable spreadsheet is yours to use. Just plug in your campaign goal and it gives you two different analyses of the numbers and sizes of gifts that reaching your goal will require. Based on the low and high ranges of industry standards. Download Here.