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Premier Programs. The best fundraising training programs for nonprofit staff, volunteers, executives and board members in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Trusted, Tested Presenters. Speakers with national and international reputations for innovation and excellence. You'll never hear a pitch for services.

Convenient & Easy.  Participate from your office or conference room. You need only a telephone for the audio portion. The video is displayed interactively on your computer with an Internet connection. No special software or hardware required.

Save Money. When you factor in time out of office, travel expense, food, lodging and conference registration fees, your staff can attend many seminars for a fraction of the cost of a single national conference. Your satisfaction is Guaranteed.

Cost Effective. Gather as many participants in one room as you like. Great for board training, staff training or team building. One registration fee pays for one site, no matter how many people are in the room.

  • Land-Line Quality, Clear Audio
  • Power Point For Visual Learning
  • Printable Handouts
  • Interactive Question Period
  • Watch the Presentation On Your Computer & Listen By Dialing In By Phone
  • Seminars Last 60 Minutes
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Do I Have To Go To Participate In A Seminar?
All of our seminars are "webinars." That means you don't have to go anywhere beyond your own office. All you need is an Internet connection and a phone line to participate.

What Can I Expect?
We offer a classic webinar format:

  • Seminars always begin right on time
  • 60 minutes
  • 1 presenter unless otherwise advertised
  • Audio provided by tele-conference
  • Speaker’s Power Point slides viewed over the Internet and/or in hardcopy
  • A Telephone and (optional) computer with Internet access are the only equipment needed (projector and speakerphone for groups)
  • Download a recording of your seminar free, and listen again.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Qualifies for 1.0 CFRE education credit

How Long Will My Seminar Last?
All seminars are scheduled to last 60 minutes. In practice you should reserve up to 75 minutes in the event that the Question & Answer period runs long.

What Time Will My Seminar Begin?
All seminars begin promptly at 1:00 pm, Eastern Time. Daylight saving time (UK "Summer Time") is observed beginning the second Sunday in March and ending the first Sunday in November.

Time Zone Standard Time Daylight Saving
USA Eastern -5 hours GMT (01:00p) -4 hours GMT
USA Central -6 hours GMT (12:00p) -5 hours GMT
USA Mountain -7 hours GMT (11:00a) -6 hours GMT
USA Pacific -8 hours GMT (10:00a) -7 hours GMT
USA Alaska -9 hours GMT (9:00a) -8 hours GMT
USA Hawaii -10 hours GMT (8:00a) -10 hours GMT

What If I Have To Cancel?
Except under extraordinary circumstances, all sales are final. Should your schedule change, preventing attendance at a seminar, you have two options:
1. You may transfer your registration, without charge, to a different seminar. Transfers must take place prior to the time when the seminar handout is emailed -- usually the Tuesday prior to the seminar date.
2. You may transfer your payment to the purchase and download of the recording of the seminar. (There is no time limitation on this option, but not all seminars are recorded).
To make a transfer, please contact us directly via email or telephone.

Why Does It Cost So Much?
It would be too easy just to say, it takes time and money to produce our seminars.

In some ways we agree. It is expensive. Many organizations would find it much too expensive for one person to listen to a seminar that costs $199. It is much more cost-effective for 3 or more people to gather and experience a seminar together.

Do You Offer Discounts?
Yes. The registration fee for most seminars is $199. Selected seminars are offered at a lower rate.

We also award a limited number of scholarships for each seminar. Scholarship details here.

Organizations that wish to register to participate in the conference from multiple dial-in locations are elegible for a discount for the additional locations. Please call for details.

How Good Is The Sound Quality?
The presenter's land-line gives reliable and clear sound quality.  We recommend you use a speakerphone if several individuals are participating.

What Will I See On My Computer?
Your computer, connected to the the Internet, will display the presenter's powerpoint or web browser or other software, as it is controlled by the presenter. In a group setting you may want to use a large monitor or projector.No special hardware is required.

Plan to login early, especially if it's your first experience with us, so that your computer can auto-install any needed software.

Your computer is also the means by which you submit your questions to the presenter.

Do I Need A High-Speed Internet Connection?
Like everything on the Internet, things go better with fast connections. But it's probably not essential unless you are showing the Internet portion to a group on a large screen or monitor. If your connection is slow you may want to have the handout available.

Are There Handouts?
Yes. Prior to the seminar handouts are emailed to you in PDF format so that you may choose to have a hardcopy in front of every member of your group for taking notes. 

Can We Ask Questions?
Yes. The seminars are all interactive. During the closing portion of your seminar, you will be able to ask questions of the presenter.

Can I Get A Recording?
Yes. Since January 2008 we have been giving every paid attendant FREE access to download an mp3 recording of the live seminar. Access codes are delivered via email and recordings are usually available within 7 days of the seminar.

May I Receive CFRE Education Credits For Attending?
Participation in this educational activity is applicable for 1.0 points in Category 1.B-Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

Registration or Technical Assistance. If you have questions about registration, or about technical requirements email us at Team@AffinitySeminars.com, or call 785-917-0251.