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To Request A Scholarship You Must Also Pre-Register
Scholarships are awarded are seminar-specific and non-transferable. The number available is limited. Scholarships are available only to organizations with an annual budget of less than $500,000 and are not granted more than once to the same organization during a calendar year.
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2. Scholarships are for a 50% discount on the seminar price. Payment of the resulting balance can only be made with credit card (Visa, MC, AmEx).

If your scholarship is approved you will receive a discount code that can be used only with the Google Checkout option.

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Upon receipt of this form, we will process your request. If your scholarship is approved you will receive a discount code for use with our Buy Now > Google Checkout option.

Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive an access code (via email) that will enable you to participate in the seminar. Access codes are usually delivered on the Monday prior to the seminar date.