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Expertise LevelOrganization SizeFundraising With Corporate Savvy
Robin Hood Marketing Online

September 2007 -- Duration: 1hr 04min
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Katya AndresenMarketing & Online Donations
Led by Katya Andresen
Vice President, Marketing, Network For Good

When it comes to finding supporters online, do you feel lost in Sherwood Forest?

Step out of the trees by letting go of mission myopia and think like a corporate marketer.

Learn how to steal corporate savvy that will get you inside the heads of your partners, donors and beneficiaries and enable you to craft a compelling message that motivates people to take real action online.

Katya Andresen sees the many successes and the short-comings of the thousands of nonprofits that receive online donations through Network For Good. She understands why and how people give online.

In this session, Katya will outline the four secrets to successful messages and explain how you can apply them to your marketing, especially on the Internet.

Who Should Attend: Executive Directors, Development Directors, Development Staff, Communications Staff, Board Members and Volunteers -- anyone who works to get your message out.

You Will Learn:

  • The four components of a successful message
  • The three keys to successful messaging online
  • Techniques and timing that are working for nonprofits through Network for Good

What People Said About This Seminar

"EXCELLENT! Really gave me new insights in terms of how to brand and focus on the donor or 'customer' point of view."
Anonymous CA

"There were many helpful, practical examples of the 'point of emphasis'."
Special Olympics LA

"The notion of 'focus' and making the audience the focus, not the organization. 'CRAM' was very helpful as was making your site a welcome mat for your audiences."
Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation

"There were good statistics on who is giving online vs through other venues; great resources, and a good reminder of those tools that are available."
Susann Mikkelson, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union

About Katya Andresen:

Katya Andresen is Vice President of Marketing for Network for Good, the world's leading charitable giving site and largest provider of online donation services to nonprofits. She develops and executes the charitable giving portal Network for Good's marketing strategy, including consumer outreach, media relations, corporate partnerships and nonprofit marketing.

Fundraising Success Magazine named Katya Fundraising Professional of the Year in 2007. She has trained hundreds of causes in effective marketing and media relations, and her marketing materials for nonprofits have won national and international awards.

Recruiting and Training Rundraising VolunteersKatya is the author of the book, Robin Hood Marketing: Stealing Corporate Savvy to Sell Just Causes (Jossey-Bass, 2006) and was featured in the ebook, Nine Minds of Marketing. She is also author of a chapter in the upcoming book, People to People Fundraising (Wiley, 2007).

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