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Expertise LevelOrganization SizeSuccessful Asks In Challenging Circumstances
The Power of Influence In Navigating Personal Fundraising

Duration: 1hr 20 min
All purchases include PDF copies of all handouts, including power point. Access codes are delivered via email in less than 5 minutes and recordings are downloaded in MP3 format.  

Recorded Seminar

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Bernard RossMajor Gifts Fundraising and Donor Solicitation
Led by Bernard Ross

If you know where you stand,
and can read the signs, you can:
     Ask for a big gift.
     Ask with little notice.
     Ask 1-on-1.
     Ask when the odds are against you.

Bernard Ross trains fundraisers how to ask for money when there's a limited opportunity to ask! His recent successes include:

  • coaching the President of Brazil’s wife to ask for $5 million during a formal lunch
  • helping public television specialists in the US to secure $4 million in foundation funds while working a buffet
  • coaching a Scottish lawyer to ask JK Rowling for £1 million over dinner
  • coaching an Advancement VP in the US to ask for $100 million for the university's capital campaign

Whether your goal is $10,000 or $10 million, the effective techniques are the same.

This intensive seminar will give veteran fundraisers practical techniques to improve their ability to win over donors, sponsors, and board members/volunteers to their point of view.

All purchases include FREE both the PowerPoint handout and a PDF preview of 3 chapters from Bernard Ross’ next book, The Power of Influence (Wiley and Sons, 2008), on which this seminar draws.

The session will share leading edge insights from the fields of psychology and neurology
--finding out how individuals process information, form judgements and make decisions to support you or not. It will also share real life case studies where these techniques have worked.

Who Should Attend: Staff, Board Members and Volunteers -- anyone who might face a big ask or who one day might be the person to make that ask. Gather a group of people and have a training session!

Special Note: Bernard speaks with what is, to American ears, a pronounced accent. If you have challenges understanding people with British accents, you may also wish to purchase a recording of the seminar.

Topics covered will include:

  • the 4 key principles of influence
  • setting achievable outcomes
  • interpersonal skills in building rapport
  • adapting your language style using NLP
  • handling objections - the 9 Nos
  • reframing your case to make it more attractive

You Will Get:

  • a clear sense of how to be influential in 1-on-1 and small group settings
  • the ability to win over individuals and groups to your ideas
  • an understanding of how individuals process information and make decisions

What People Said About This Seminar

"I have been in major gift fundraising for 25 years and this is one of the most informative presentations I have ever experienced. It is what most of us take years to learn intuitively."
Kay Redington, National MS Society, North Florida Chapter

"The speaker was most knowledgeable and had a wonderful way of conveying critical information."
Kimberly Hambrick, Edvantia

"A well delivered presentation. The content was excellent and the delivery was equally entertaining and engaging--just an excellent, endearing presenter"
Michelle A. Redding, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of St. Cloud

"I was affirmed as a fundraiser that my BA and MA in psychology helps me in a myriad of ways. It also affirmed how important rapport is with any donors and it spoke to my strengths."
Susan Fink, American Refugee Committee

"Got me thinking in a new direction. Learning to match speaking styles and blink rate will be interesting"
Rob Wagner, Westmont College

[Most helpful was the] "importance of focusing on the other person's mood, body language, voice and tailoring my behaviors to his/hers. Also the reminder that 'no' frequently doesn't mean 'go away.'"
Anne Kelly, U. S. Fund for UNICEF

"Our office liked the information about how to gather information regarding a person's NLP and how to pitch to those individual ways of learning."
Lisa Pieper, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

About Bernard Ross:

Bernard Ross is increasingly well know in American fundraising. He is Director of the Management Centre in London, Europe’s leading consultancy and training organization working solely for value driven organizations.

For over 20 years, in 30 countries and on every continent, he has helped nonprofit organizations transform their performance. Bernard's customers include most of the major UK charities and many leading INGOs – ranging from Oxfam to UNICEF and WHO to Save the Children.

Bernard's areas of expertise are strategic thinking, change leadership and organisational transformation. He specialises in developing strategic capacity with senior teams and boards. He also acts as a personal coach to a number of CEOs of large NGOs and INGOs.
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